Pavan Davuluri, IIT Madras Alumni, Appointed Leader of Microsoft Windows and Surface Teams

Pavan Davuluri, IIT Madras Alumni, Appointed Leader of Microsoft Windows and Surface Teams
New Delhi: IIT Madras alumnus Pavan Davuluri has been appointed by Microsoft to head development on both fronts after the company internally combined the Windows and Surface teams once more.
The move follows a brief split in which Windows briefly came under Microsoft’s new AI division, according to Windows Central, a news website that follows changes at the company.
With the reunification of the Windows and Surface teams, Microsoft’s Engineering and Devices division, led by Rajesh Jha, has reverted to its previous organizational structure.

Pavan Davuluri, who oversaw Microsoft’s hardware programs before, will now take the lead on Windows engineering.

The change in leadership comes after Panos Panay, the former head of Windows and Surface, left in September of last year. Mikhail Parakhin and Davuluri divided Panos Panay’s duties.

In addition to his current duties as Microsoft’s CEO of Web and Advertising, Parakhin assumed leadership of Windows, taking command of programs like Bing, Edge, and Copilot.
But recent changes within Microsoft, such as Mustafa Suleyman, a co-founder of DeepMind, being named CEO of a new AI division, forced a reassessment of team composition.
After his team was folded into the recently formed AI branch, Parakhin declared he will look into other opportunities, most likely outside of the firm.
Because of this, Windows development is now reorganized under Rajesh Jha’s direction, guaranteeing that the person in charge of Windows development is also in charge of Surface development.
Windows supporters applaud this decision because it indicates greater cooperation and unity between Microsoft’s hardware and software projects.
Pavan Davuluri has been directing Microsoft’s work to enhance Windows on Arm-based devices for the past year.
March 22: Davuluri made a post on X “Today, we unveiled the Surface Pro 10 for Business and Surface Laptop 6 for Business—our first-ever #Surface AI PCs designed solely for the workplace! For their efforts in bringing these gadgets and experiences to life for our clients, the #Copilot team has my utmost admiration.
The company’s vision for integrating AI with Windows and new next-generation AI features, together with Arm-based Surface hardware, are likely to be unveiled by Microsoft on May 20, much to the excitement of the tech community.

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